Paint Code Remonder

Paint Code Reminder – The best painter tool!


Paint Code Reminder is a small application that stores in one place all your paint codes and jobs so you’ll never forget what exact colours were used.

Easy to use. Take a picture of the paint code label, take a picture of your finished paint job and you’re done!


  • Search paint code by description
  • Share photos and descriptions
  • Store up to 4 photos by description
  • For privacy, all datas are stored on the device. No use of third-party storage or analytics.


Download Paint Code Reminder from iTunes now!

Privacy Policy:

To make it simple, the developer (Sylvain Lafrance) doesn’t collect any of your informations. I really don’t need any of your personal informations! All informations entered in Paint Code Reminder are stored locally on the device.


Please use this contact form to send all your messages, suggestions or comments.

Thank you!






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